Back after time off for illness

thumbsupAll those of you who are regularly part of the Light Lunch, First Friday, West End Wednesday community will have picked up that back in September I suffered and unexpected stroke which knocked me out of action for a couple of months. But I’m pleased to report that I’ve recovered remarkably well, I suspect the prayer play it’s part in that.  So I’m now nearly back to full time work again, driving, speaking, teaching, mentoring etc.

Which means I will be back for Decembers events, both the First Friday breakfast at Bar Remo on December 5th and then for our Carol service lunch on Wednesday 17th. So really looking forward to seeing you all then.

Christen Forster


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Personal connections

Just a reminder that most Wednesdays I’m on Oxford Street and available to meet up with anyone connected to Light Lunch, First Friday Breakfast etc… or if you’ve not been to either yet but work in the are it would be great to get time with you.

And don’t forget the next Friday Breakfast … it will be at 07:30 at Bar Remo on July 7th. I want to get more input from attendees this time, so if you have a story or something to share please drop me a line.

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Quick thought for next Friday Breakfast

This is a quick note to say that on July 7th I am proposing to ask a few people to share their heart and and issues regarding their workplaces … so we can start to understand each other, get to know each  other and be supportive. I’ll probably share a short thought… but I wanted to focus on us getting to know one another.

Please use the comments to feedback on this as an idea.

PS: Hope you’ve spotted the quick review on last Friday’s breakfast.

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