Report from the first First Friday Breakfast plus thoughts going forwards

Well it was a great start to our new breakfast meeting. That is not to say that there weren’t things to lean and do better going forward, but it was great to see regular Light Lunch faces but also new faces too.

Paul SzkilerIt was great having Paul Szkiler with us and some of his team from A Call to Business. I was also thrilled by the range of people and occupations present, there where charity workers, a local councilor, surveyors, business owners, a dentist and church workers present.

Going forward on a practical note, we will probably arrange for a couple of breakfast options at a fixed price.. this way we give you a coloured token dependent on your choice of say Full English, Scrambled Egg with Salmon etc … then when Breakfast arrive we don’t have to disturb whatever else is happening trying to find out.

Then on a content note… I would like to mix up formats a bit… sometimes using a speaker and other times leaving space for input from attendees with prophetic encouragement and prayer as we get to know each other.  I’m happy to hear peoples thoughts on this too.

So if you came it would be great to get your comments, and if you might come in the future please let us know and ask your questions here too.

FEBAnd finally a big thank you to the staff of Bar Remo who had to get things ready a bit earlier and quicker than usual… they where very helpful and worked to disrupt us as little as possible while they prepared food and venue for the day. So once again a big big thank you.

Plus the Full English was quite simply awesome!




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