First proper blog post

This is my first post for our new web-site… I’m aiming for at least one a week from now on.

So where to start. Well why the West End… In the borough of Westminster… There is a personal answer to the question, and a strategic one too. So first the personal one.

west endAbout three years ago I woke up knowing I had had a dream and as I woke up I heard a voice say…”It is about Windsor and Westminster” I mentioned the dream to my wife but did nothing about until two weeks later I received an invite to the Houses of Parliament, to attend the windsor castlenational Prayer Breakfast. From that point I found Jesus opening all┬ásorts of doors for me in the Westminster Area.

Now I live in the borough of Windsor an Maidenhead so I found myself regularly in both the places referenced in my dream.

So that’s my personal reason for being involved in West End Wednesdays… I want to see a forum here in the heart of the UK’s cultural, commercial, civic and spiritual centre that supports people in their working life and service of these institutions. Over the last couple of years Jesus has opened doors for me into parliament, government, church and commerce in the West End/Westminster area.

And from a strategic point of view it should be clear already that the West End of London is where so much that shapes the nation originates. Buckingham Palace is here; the theatre and entertainment industry is based here; actually my first ever paid employment was on the stage crew at Her Majesty’s Theatre on the Haymarket; Parliament, Government and the Old Bailey are all here.

The City of London is a global force when it comes to finances, but the City of Westinster if a global force on so many different fronts.

Now if we are going to change our nation it will not be by taking control of these secular high points for Jesus, it will be by people called as salt and light operating in these arenas by faith. So it is people we want to support, people who bring a different spirit and authority into rooms and meetings that decide outcomes for thousands.

In my next post, I’ll start thinking about what the Kingdom looks like in each of the fields.

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